Monday, February 22, 2010

Rockabilly Clothing : Pinup Pencil Skirts from Broad Minded Clothing Back in Stock

We're as excited as schoolgirls around here because the "Boardroom Bombshell" skirt in black and leopard print is back in stock! This vintage-inspired skirt is one of our most popular designs from Broad Minded Clothing-- Babygirl Boutique's signature brand.

Click on any of the photos below to read more info and see more pics of these adorable skirts!

Every pinup girl knows that a black pencil skirt is a must-have basic building block in anyone's closet. This utilitarian and versatile wardrobe staple features a retro-inspired high waist, patent and elastic belt, and a demure slit in the back. The skirt is made of Sateen fabric-- a cotton/poly blend with a soft sheen that holds its structure through all the standing up and sitting down that modern day professional gals do throughout the course of a day. Throw on a dressy top, jewelry, and a pair of heels and the skirt transitions flawlessly from day to night!

The skirt is part of the Boardroom Bombshell collection from BMC-- also available in leopard print-- and is available in sizes from extra small to XXL.

In the first two pics below, local pinup model Cara Mia rocks the Boardroom Bombshell skirt at the Rose City Roundup Pinup Model Competition. In the third pic, one of Babygirl Boutique's darling customers wears the set to an event.

Also back in stock is the Boardroom Bombshell skirt in leopard print!

The above photes feature Mandy Apple. The three photos below features Silvia Go-Go and Dottie Diamond posing in the "Boardroom Bombshell" skirt at 2009's Rose City Roundup Pinup Model Competition. Dottie paired the skirt with the matching halter top from Broad Minded Clothing and her own cutey jacket , while Silvia wore an underbust corset from Leg Avenue Lingerie over Broad Minded Clothing's red halter crop top.

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